Who We Are

    The Health and Education Foundation, in Turkish “Sağlık ve Eğitim Vakfı” (SEV), was founded by the graduates of UAA, ACI, and TAC, referred to as the “SEV American Schools”, and Talas American Middle School in 1968. The mission of the Health and Education Foundation is to insure the improvement and sustainability of its long established educational institutions which operate according to international standards and to raise individuals who exhibit a high level of academic performance and social awareness in response to a developing and changing world. 

    The Health and Education Foundation aims to carry the strong traditions of the past into the future through its institutions and in their respective fields of operation. Through the SEV American High Schools which enjoy an important place historically speaking within the Turkish education system, the Foundation raises students who model care and respect to their immediate and wider community, who exhibit self-confidence, and who are able to set and realize their goals. The Foundation also expands its high quality education services to a wider audience, while at the same time providing reputable benchmark publications which include those that lead the sector in children’s literature.

    SEV is committed to constant improvement, remaining current with technology and new developments, while preserving its core values. 

    The board of trustees, most of whom are graduates of American schools, and the board of directors manage SEV on a volunteer basis. A team of professionals and graduates reports to the board of directors at the Foundation to ensure the continuity, growth, and administration of SEV.

    Institutions Affiliated with SEV:


    Üsküdar American Academy (UAA)

    American Collegiate Institute (ACI) 

    Tarsus American College (TAC) 

    SEV American College

    Üsküdar SEV Schools

    İzmir SEV Schools

    Tarsus SEV Schools

    SEV Publishing House


    SEV Mission

    The mission of SEV is to nurture globally-minded, well-rounded, happy individuals who make positive contributions to society by way of their academic achievements and social consciousness.

    SEV Values

    We have lived by our values for 150 yeaars. These are; integrity, respect & trust, responsibility & accountability, grit-passion & perseverance and inquisitiveness.

    SEV’s Approach 

    The Health and Education Foundation’s educational philosophy calls for its academic institutions to raise individuals who are sensitive to the needs of their communities, a philosophy which is consistent with the Foundation’s overall goal of furthering social awareness as a responsibility. In all fields of the Foundation’s health and education services, SEV regards the contributions it can make to public life as a priority. Within this scope, SEV’s educational institutions raise students who exhibit a high degree of social awareness and who have the capability to both design and implement projects in such fields as education, culture, sports, and art.





    Code of Ethics for the Health and Education Foundation

    The goal of Code of Ethics for the Health and Education Foundation calls for it to cultivate an institutional culture conducive to ethical values, and to sustain values and awareness of ethical responsibilities.

    The Foundation’s Ethical Code governs all relations with employees, shareholders, third parties, as well as defines the Foundation’s optimum role in the society. This Code outlines the principles to which to adhere, as defined in the Foundation’s raison d'être and goals, as a beacon of light to guide all operations. 

    This Code of Ethics serves as a guide for all conduct and relations with shareholders and employees, not only as a legal and commercial but also as an ethical obligation.  

    The values of our institution, which reflect a strong commitment to the Foundation’s shareholders, are based on respect to society and the environment, honesty, and mutual trust. Other core elements of the institutional culture are responsibility, transparency, and adherence to legal regulations. The Foundation’s organizations also uphold awareness of human rights and employee rights, as well as respect to the individual.  
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