HR Policy

    • To maintain a strong organizational structure and high quality of staff made up of members who are innovative and progressive, who stand out with their capability to realize the mission and the strategic goals of the Foundation, and who are committed to self-improvement as well as the advancement of the Foundation’s institutions, 
    • To conduct a well-planned human resources process which includes training of the leaders who will carry the Foundation’s institutions into the future, and cultivating individual employees who can assume leadership roles in the future,
    • To establish an institutional culture based on the motto “one institution, one voice” which enables all constituents to produce scientific and cultural information, to voice their creative ideas and different opinions in a professional setting characterized by equality, trust, and respect,
    • To design and implement forward-looking institutional processes so as to advance the objectives of the Foundation and to increase the motivation as well as efficiency of the Foundation’s employees,
    • To invest in Professional development and improvement on an on-going basis, in light of the fact that human capital is the Foundation’s most valuable asset. 
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