SEV Schools Take On “Sustainability” As Their Focus in their 25th Year

Established by the Health and Education Foundation for the purpose of ensuring sustainability in education and sustaining the mission of education, SEV Schools celebrate the 25th anniversary of their establishment. Üsküdar SEV, İzmir SEV and Tarsus SEV Schools, which embarked on their educational journey quarter of a century ago, have become one of the leading elementary schools in Turkey driven by the time-honored educational tradition of which they are part. 

“Our Elementary Schools Rank in the Top-Tier Institutions in Turkey”

Looking at the 25-year adventure of SEV Schools, Prof. Güray Erkol, the General Manager of the Health and Education Foundation, states: “SEV Schools, established 25 years ago at the dawn of an important period of change in Turkey, have grown to rank among the best schools in Turkey today. Within these 25 years, the processes of institutionalization of the Foundation and the building of our elementary schools to become strong educational powerhouses in the country nurtured each other, as the two institutions grew together. With its successful establishment of SEV American College (SAC) in 2014, SEV prides itself on being the umbrella organization of the best educational institutions in Turkey, all the way from kindergarten to the senior year of high school.”

SEV Elementary School Graduates are Prepared to be Part of a Sustainable Future  

Sustainability has always been an emphasis at SEV Schools. With its sustainability-based approach in elementary education, SEV Schools address the concept under five categories: ecology, arts, culture, economy and artificial intelligence. The foundations of ecological literacy are offered in schools through vertical and horizontal farming practices, exploration of the ecosphere, and other projects designed to raise student awareness in ecology. Students get to know more about art history from past to present, important artists, illustrators and multimedia activists who have exhibited their works in public spaces and relate to the universal values they have created through their body of work. They create projects in diverse disciplines including archeology, history, sociology, art, language, and anthropology as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Program. Students are also introduced to areas of resource analysis, needs research, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and STEM in their learning contexts, which help them improve their analytical thinking skills. Students who are involved in national and international collaborations and artificial intelligence explorations in many different fields at SEV Schools grow as individuals who have the skills to interpret the digital age and are well-equipped for the future.


“We will Continue to Raise Strong Graduates with Our High-Quality Education”

Looking ahead, Prof. Erkol said, “Positioning SEV as a constantly growing and learning organization, we will continue to graduate strong individuals by providing the best quality in education. We are working for our students to become successful individuals who have internalized our core values, who are happy and at peace with themselves and their environment and have the awareness to serve their community. With the holistic education approach developed by the Foundation specifically for our schools, our goal is to contribute to the growth of individuals who learn, question, research, synthesize data on their own, and develop competencies with regard to the use of technology from today.”

In the 2022-2023 academic year, where the schools celebrate their 25th anniversary, SEV Schools continue to raise young generations towards a sustainable education and a sustainable future under the theme of “Sustainability and Agility”. The education they receive which reflects this holistic education approach will allow students to contribute to a sustainable future.

SEV Schools Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary Under the Theme of Sustainability

Dedicated to transferring its resources to the students who will build the future and to sustain the educational quality, SEV Schools, in their 25th year, focus on sustainability in education in a multi-layered approach with the long-term goals it has identified. The work undertaken by the schools spearheaded by SEV’s Department of Educational Development, facilitate the achievement of these goals and make the quality education offered in its schools sustainable.

Under the general framework of “Sustainability and Agility”, SEV Schools will be hosting a series of activities throughout the year, focusing on the sub-categories of “ecological sustainability”, “sustainability in the arts”, “cultural sustainability”, “economic sustainability”, and “sustainability and artificial intelligence”.

“The Misak-ı Millî Muhtar Kent STEM Laboratory" was opened on TAC campus. The Muhtar Kent STEM Laboratory, which was built in the historical Misak-ı Milli building on the TAC campus, was opened with a ceremony attended by our Foundation’s executives, TAC and Tarsus SEV Schools’ administrators, teachers, students and graduates. 14 April 2024
SEV Çekmeköy Campus Received Leed Certification for its Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Approach The Çekmeköy Campus of SEV Schools was awarded the LEED PLATINUM Certificate sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which is given to environmentally friendly buildings. 20 February 2024
"A New Perspective on Teachers’ Professional Learning" Desk Research Report Our Research and Impact Department's desk research report entitled 'A New Perspective on Teachers' Professional Learning' is now published. The report reviews the continuous professional learning processes for teachers and how schools can build systems to support them. 21 December 2023
Post-Disaster Teacher Support Program We have successfully completed the Post-Disaster Teacher Support Program, with the goal of ensuring that educators in the earthquake-stricken regions organize their learning environments in a way that supports the well-being of children and maintains quality education. 31 August 2023
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Desk Research: “Schools as Learning Organizations” Desk Research: “Schools as Learning Organizations” research has been completed by our Research and Impact Department. 01 June 2023
SEV American College has received full accreditation status from CIS. We are happy to announce that SAC has received full international accreditation status from CIS (Council of International Schools). Click here to find out more details about CIS. Thanks to the school community for the valuable efforts and ongoing support. 21 March 2023
SEV Schools Take On “Sustainability” As Their Focus in their 25th Year Sait Tosyalı is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Health and Education Foundation. Taking over the responsibility from Mehmet Yaltır, Sait Tosyalı started serving in his new role as of December 17, 2022. 30 December 2022
Sait Tosyalı Becomes the New Chairman of the SEV Board of Trustees Sait Tosyalı is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Health and Education Foundation. Taking over the responsibility from Mehmet Yaltır, Sait Tosyalı started serving in his new role as of December 17, 2022. 20 December 2022
The "Reflections on Teacher Well-being" Research The "Reflections on teacher well-being" research was conducted by our Research and Impact Department at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year. 28 November 2022
Education is our Armor SEV General Manager Prof. Güray Erkol talked about the transformation process of our Foundation, the SEV Academy, which we have set up with the aim of excellence in education, and the SEV Research and Impact Department in an interview with Aysel Bozan Yılmaz from Milliyet newspaper. 14 October 2022
The SEV Educational Research and Impact Department The SEV Educational Research and Impact Department was established with the goals of promoting academic excellence, improving the quality of teaching and learning at our schools, influencing data-driven and evidence-based decisions, and increasing the impact of our Foundation and its schools as leading educational institutions in Turkey. 15 September 2022
Guest of the "Last Session" Program - Prof. Güray Erkol The General Manager of our Foundation, Prof. Güray Erkol was the guest of the "Son Seans" program broadcast on Ekotürk TV. 22 July 2022
SEV Schools Graduation Ceremonies We congratulate all our students graduating from our Foundation's middle and high schools in the 2021-2022 academic year and wish them success and happiness in their education life. 01 July 2022
Success News from Our Schools We are very proud of our students from ACI, TAC and Üsküdar SEV Middle School. 28 June 2022
The project “Strong Networks with Stakeholders The project “Strong Networks with Stakeholders” overseen by TEGV, with SEV and KUSIF acting as project partners, as part of the Civil Society Support Program III of the Directorate for EU Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs was concluded on 7 June 2022. 10 June 2022
SEV NFT Art Collection The festival, which had the theme “Designing Creatures Affected by Climate Change”, took place between March 23- May 23. Within the scope of the festival, students created designs using digital design methods. 27 May 2022
A comprehensive interview on Necati Güler's The 7th SEV Sports Fest, organized with the participation of SEV American High Schools affiliated with our foundation, was held on Monday, 17 May 2022
Deha Kılıçkaya, SEV American College Deha Kılıçkaya, a senior student at SEV American College, was accepted with a full scholarship from Dartmouth College in the Ivy League, one of the eight best universities in America. 16 May 2022
News From Us First Robotics Regional (FRC), the most renowned STEM competition of the world, took place in Izmir this year. Hosted by İzmir for the first time, 08 May 2022
A comprehensive interview on Necati Güler's A comprehensive interview on Necati Güler's (TAC 1975 graduate) coaching the TAC Basketball Team was published in Milliyet’s sports supplement. 04 April 2022
News From Us Through the holistic education model used in SEV American high schools of the Health and Education Foundation, we empower students in discovering their talents. 29 March 2022
Mission Possible 5 The 5th of the Mission Possible project competition, which has the goal of contributing to a sustainable future has been completed. 23 March 2022
Students of UAA and ACI met with Prof. Dr. Güray Erkol Students of UAA and ACI met with Prof. Dr. Güray Erkol, SEV General Manager and Professor of Physics, Dr. Alper Hayreter and Assc. Prof. Dr. Bora Işıldak from Özyeğin University, Dr. Hüseyin Dağ from Bursa Technical University for a particle physics workshop. 27 May 2021
The news from SEV Schools The news from SEV Schools and ACI about the schools’ inspiring, environmentally-friendly, technological and scientific practices were covered in the press. 13 May 2021

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