Donations and Scholarships




While a part of the scholarships (provided for the American High Schools and SEV Elementary Schools) awarded by the Health and Education Foundation  are funded by the Foundation’s own resources, another funding source are through donations made by the graduates of the schools. The funds provided by the graduates are donated in the name of either a company or a family. The scholarships funded by the Foundation are in the form of either partial or full scholarships. There are also donors within the institutions of the Foundation who provide scholarships that correspond to a percentage of the scholarship amount provided to students. In such situations, the rest of the scholarships amounts are completed by the Foundation’s resources, based on the students’ needs or academic performance. Six percent of the annual total scholarships awarded are funded by the donations of the graduates. 

Your donations, as a way contribute to the process of raising new generations of students, will be highly welcomed and appreciated.

The Health and Education Foundation provides the students of SEV American high schools and SEV primary schools scholarship opportunities in categories of “merit” and “need-based” scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities for High Schools 
Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute, Tarsus American College and SEV American College

Need-Based (Financial Support) Scholarship:
 Depending on the financial situation of their family, students may benefit from “need-based” scholarship opportunities. Need-based scholarship awards are not a permanent arrangement nor are they an earned right; such scholarships are valid for one year. In order for a student who has qualified for such scholarship for a given year to continue receiving it in the coming years, that student is required to apply for this scholarship each year. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must pass her/his classes and not receive any disciplinary punishment during the school year. 

Merit Scholarship:
These scholarships are intended to support students who enter SEV American high schools with the highest entry scores and for current students who achieve the highest grade point average (GPA) at the end of the year.

Merit Scholarship for Current Students: Merit scholarships are allocated to a predefined number of students who achieve the highest GPA at the end of the previous school year at their grade level. These scholarships are valid for one year. To be eligible for such scholarships, a student must have a GPA well above the average and not have any disciplinary punishments during the school year. A student can continue to be awarded a “merit scholarship” in the following years as long as they meet the criteria outlined in the Scholarship Regulations. The student loses the right to a merit scholarship in the event a disciplinary punishment is received during the year the scholarship is awarded and the parent in addition is required to pay back the amount of scholarship from the date of the disciplinary punishment until the end of the school year. The merit scholarship recipient reserves the right to also apply for a needs-based scholarship.

Entry-Level Merit Scholarship: For incoming students to ACI and TAC, an entry level merit scholarship is awarded to those who receive the highest scores in the high school entrance examination, and who complete their enrolment during the first registration period based on the calendar announced in the Guide for Private Schools Application.

·         100% scholarship for the top three students

·         80% for the fourth and fifth students

·         50% for the sixth student.

The scholarship is valid for five years. However, in order to continue the scholarship from one year to the next, the student should maintain a GPA above the average and should not receive a disciplinary punishment.

Scholarship Opportunities For SEV Primary Schools

Need-Based Scholarship:
The regulations regarding the students at SEV Primary and Middle Schools who will be studying free of tuition charges or on scholarship are governed by the provisions of the Ministry of National Education’s Regulations for Private Schools and/or other related regulations.

Merit Scholarship: The top five students
who achieve a GPA of at least 90 at the end of the school year in 5th, 6th and 7th grades of SEV Elementary Schools, are entitled to this scholarship, as long as they meet the criteria in the Scholarship Regulations for SEV Elementary Schools. 

To continue this scholarship for the following year, the student must not have a disciplinary punishment and must have the GPA of at least 90 at the end of the school year. Merit scholarships are valid for one year. 

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