Corporate Structure

     The Chair of the Board of Trustees


    The Health and Education Foundation (SEV) acts as the umbrella organization managing the leading Turkish educational institutions known collectively as the American High Schools and SEV Schools. SEV also manages and coordinates Redhouse Publishing House.

    In accordance with its mission and with the support of alumni and friends, SEV remains dedicated to carrying into the future the invaluable legacy inherited from the American Board.

    After serving our country for nearly two centuries, the American Board passed on its assets to SEV as well as its philosophy of a continuous pursuit of perfection in education and health services.

    Our commitment to this trust continues with every step that we take, as we move our students beyond academic success and leadership into areas of global citizenship and social responsibility.

    We thank you for your continued support of SEV in our noble journey.

    Mehmet Yaltır

    Health and Education Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees


    From the Chairman of the Board

    With an experience distilled from a two-century-old educational tradition, we are well aware of the great impact of education on the life of an individual, on a country and the world. We are also aware of the growing importance of the raising “global citizens” in today’s world. To this end, the Health and Education Foundation strives to offer a service in world standards.

    We are working to make sure that the institutions under the Foundation’s umbrella keep themselves up to date with the world, which is changing at a breathtaking pace. At the same time, we continue our deep commitment to our traditions, as we know that the secret to this kind of success which transcends centuries is “continuity”. With the power and experience drawn from the past, we are preparing for what tomorrow’s world has to offer.

    Mehmet T. Nane

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Health and Education Foundation


    Board of Directors of the Health and Education Foundation

    Board of Directors of the Health and Education Foundation is formed through an election by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees and Board of Directors consist of members who are mostly graduates of American Colleges and they work voluntarily for the Foundation. In the Plenary Session held on 22 December 2018, the new Board of Directors were decided on by the Board of Trustees. The new board consists of professionals who pursue an active business life in different senior executive positions in various sectors.

    Departments of the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) and Their Job Descriptions

    Foundation’s General Management Office 

    Overseen by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the department is responsible for implementing the decisions taken by Foundation bodies, conducting the procedures for commercial enterprises, facilities and other units which are related to the Foundation, and performing other activities listed under the areas of operation and service. 
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