Being a Member of SEV Family

    Neriman Yükselen- Accounting Manager 

    The Health and Education Foundation, formerly the American Board, where I applied for a job after reading a small ad on the newspaper in 1987, became my second family. I got married and then had children while I was working at SEV. I shared my joy, and problems with my co-workers and administrators, the people with whom I spend the most time after my family. My co-workers at SEV understand how I feel even without asking me, which is still something which makes me feel privileged.

    Working at SEV, I have learned many things from my administrators, and it continues on a day-to-day basis. My son, who was introduced to the SEV family first as an elementary student and later as a high school student at UAA, was raised as a self-confident, well equipped and knowledgeable young person. 

    This is what I feel about SEV. I am glad to have seen that ad and applied to work for SEV. 

    Nurten Şengöz – Accountant

    Today, I still feel the same excitement that I had when the Foundation established its first financial enterprises back in 1997. The elementary schoools, which were founded so fast and in such a short period of time, were the first signals of growth of the Foundation. It is a privilege to work in education. For an employee, it translates to being dynamic, innovative, loving, and most importantly, to a continuous enthusiasm for working.

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